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Prevent Sewer & Drain Line Emergencies with the Technological Innovations offered by Rocket Plumbing

Most homeowners near our Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, and Venice locations don’t ever ponder the quality and condition of their sewer and drain lines until there’s an emergency plumbing repair is needed. Unfortunately, ignoring your drain’s clog or blockage until a crisis arises can result in extensive damage and, therefore, expensive solutions (like the very costly pipe replacement). To save yourself the headache of backed-up sewer lines, clogged drains, and overflowing toilets, it’s very much in your pocketbook’s interest to have regular, preventative maintenance performed by a licensed and knowledgeable sewer and drain specialist.

Here is where Rocket Plumbing can be the answer. Our licensed and technologically up to date plumbers are fully certified, experienced, and well trained to solve any drain cleaning problem, from unclogging a blocked main sewer line to tackling an outside sewer line clean out.

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Why is my Drain clogged?

Even if you don’t pour grease down your sinks into your drain, over time, enough material through your garbage disposal can attach to the wall of your pipes and become a clog. And it’s not just grease that can create this plumbing repair in your future. For instance, hair and soap scum can build up over time and lead to a clog, or even create an anchor in the pipe for everything else upstream to attach to.

This is fairly common for drains all over Los Angeles, Santa Monica etc. o experience these types of clogs, and the more material that is evacuated through your pipes, the more likely your drain will eventually develop a clog. Multi family structures, commercial structures and restaraunts are more likely than the single family home to need routine maintenance, although single family structures should also occasionally have their drains inspected just for peace of mind.

Can I Clean My Drain Myself?

We here at Rocket Plumbing are all for the D.I.Y.ers. In fact, we recommend a very cheap tool that will help you avoid clogged bathtub drains, see our video here: Plumber Reviews Tubshroom

The clogs that Rocket Plumbing most want to solve are not those kinds of clogs. If you can clear a smaller clog with over the counter chemical drain cleaner, that’s an excellent and cheap result we can all get behind. Keep in mind however, that repeated use of these chemical drain cleaners CAN do serious damage to septic systems. If such a clog keeps reoccuring, we can take a look for you with our sewer camera with full motion video. You may want to get even further, and get your own Snaking tool. We think Snaking has it’s place in the services we offer, but as plumbing technology has progressed, we have brought in even more effective and safer long term solutions that by far do a better job than Snaking.


A snake will simply poke a hole in the clog, rather than clearing the whole blockage. How do we know this? We used to use Snaking all the time, encountering this dilemma. You see, when parts of the clog remain after you attempt to clear it, what is left behind can act as a sticky anchor, causing a clogged pipe again after a short period time.

Seeing Is Believing! Video Camera Sewer & Drain Line Inspections

How can you know if you need a sewer and drain line inspection?

Here are some simple factors you can use to evaluate what your next move is:
Is your home over 10 years old and you have never had the sewer and drain lines inspected?
Are you buying an older home? A backed up sewer drain could be a crisis being kicked down the road on you, the home buyer.
Have you noticed slow drains, clogged toilets, or backed-up shower and tub drains? Could mean a sewer line issue.

Our video camera inspection will take out the uncertainty you are facing. Calling us out for sewer and drain maintenance can prevent the need to access pipes by digging up your yard. During our video camera inspection, our Rocket Plumbing sewer and drain technician runs a video cable down sewer branch lines that lead from bathtubs, sinks, and other drains into the main sewer line. Using these images generated by our sewer video camera, we will find and assess any sewer and drain line problems, such as clogs, tree root intrusion, misaligned joints, cracks, and other damage.

Just as Rocket Plumbing owns their own Hydro Jetting Machine, and their own Picote drain cleaning tool, we own our own Sewer Drain Video Camera equipment (Ask us about our current Sewer Camera offer, as occasionally we run specials).

How does Rocket Plumbing Clean and Clear Clogged Sewer Drains?

The technologically specialized diagnostics tools we use to ensure what condition your kitchen and bathrooms sinks, showers and tubs, toilets, floor drains, and main sewer lines are in condition are not necessarily the same used by those other plumbers you’ve used in the past. And it doesn’t stop there. Rocket Plumbing uses advanced hydro-jetting and rodding tools (like our new Picote machine) to clean out the toughest buildup and clogs you’ll ever see (with our sewer drain camera video). Rest assured, even if the above mentioned tools are not enough, our team is well qualified to also perform trenchless sewer line repair without digging up your property’s lawn or landscaped areas.

And we won’t just ‘Rod it and run’ like some of those other plumbing companies. Before we ever decide the work is complete, we conduct a follow-up camera inspection video (which you can keep!) to ensure the cleaning is 100% effective. See the picture below for a comparison. If any tough spots remain, we redo the job at no extra cost to you, until it is clean.

How much does Drain Cleaning cost?

This is a broad question that hinges on the severity of the problem, and the customer’s choice in the available solutions from Rocket Plumbing.

A Clogged drain in the bathtub or kitchen sink is not of the same severity as a sewer drain blockage, and are always much easier on the pocket book.  They can run from $200 on up to even exceeding $500 if there are complications with the pipes or fixtures.

While Rocket Plumbing does offer Snaking and Rootering, for the right situations, we prefer using our more current technology in Hydro Jetting and our new Picote machine.  These two solutions clear debris and blockage material so thoroughly, our customers tend to opt for the better long term solutions that result in needing drain cleaning even less.  These solutions start at $595, but call us and ask about any specials that we may be running.

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