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Over 3 years ago, Rocket Plumbing refocused on getting better tools in place for our professionals to use in order to deliver faster and more long term solutions.

One of our best upgrades was acquiring our own Hydro Jetting machine.

It works by pushing water at a force of 3000 psi through a specially designed hose to blast a blockage like grease. It being just water, it is very safe for pipes, in the right trained hands.

We use our Hydro Jet machine every day in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Irvine, and Venice. Restaurants and food processing plants are the most likely in need of drain cleaning on an almost quarterly basis, as do lots of commercial properties.
Thankfully, residential customers will need drain cleaning a lot less, so it can be needed yearly or bi annually for most homes.

The best thing about Hydro Jetting a drain line however, is how thorough it can clean a blockage. Most plumbing companies use a Rooter, snaking or Auger tool that just pokes holes in blockages. That means you would be depending on waste water to go thru a hole of about an inch wide (the diameter of the tool) in most cases.

Our Hydro Jet can blow ALL the material thru the drain line, and even cleaning the inner wall surface of food processing byproduct material that can snag new material coming down the drain line.

Does your property have slow drains? Do you hear gurgling noises in your plumbing? Another sign you have a blockage is an odor coming from your drains.

Call Rocket Plumbing today and we can handle this for you.


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