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Since introducing Hydro Jetting Plumbing to our list of services at Rocket Plumbing here in Los Angeles, we have noticed something.  Many of our customers who have been getting snaking and rootering from competitors are calling us now.  


When build-up in drains from rust or corrosion, or years of grease going thru the pipes have caused drain clogs, these new customers realize that snaking the drain only pokes a hole in these obstructions.  We show them video from our sewer camera pinpointing where the blockage is and there it is…  that hole in the clog that never actually ever disappears. The snaking or rootering is a temporary solution.  

Call Rocket Plumbing in Los Angeles now to get a plumber to your home or business “Rocket Fast!”

The cost of hydro jetting service with our plumbing service is only about twice the cost of drain cleaning with a snake. For that, the benefits are:

– The clog is GONE, not temporarily “band aided”

– You will not need to call out a Los Angeles plumber to poke a hole thru that clog every year

– It prolongs the life of the pipe or drain, saving big $$ for a potential crisis repair

With the technologically superior Hydro Jetting now our standard drain cleanings solutions, we don’t get call backs for the same issue. Put it this way… if those other plumbing companies’ customers pay twice for a snake that a hydro-Jet would have solved, then it’s plain to see that the overpaid for subpar maintenance.

Again, a snake (steel cable) tool works for a while but clogs may, and often do, reappear. Don’t do the same thing and expect a different result, take the smart, long term alternative… get Hydro jetting service from Rocket Plumbing.

Rocket Plumbing owns their own Hydro Jet tool, most plumbing companies have to schedule to rent one.  That’s how committed we are to the best solutions for our customers who need the best drain cleaning solution.

Our West Los Angeles Rocket Plumbing location can drive our Hydro Jet tool out to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood |Century City, Via De La Plaz, Westwood, Bel Air and Beverly Woods


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