This is a story from January 7th, which is a cautionary tale for all restaurateurs.

Sewage Spill into Marina del Rey

Los Angeles County health officials have closed parts of the beach around Marina del Rey after a 1,100-gallon sewage spill.

Beachgoers were advised Sunday to avoid the water 100 yards up and down the coast next to the Ballona Creek outfall, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Officials said a sewer line blocked by grease caused the sewage to enter the storm drain that leads directly into the marina.

It was not immediately clear late Sunday how long the closure would be in effect. Visitors can still go to the dry areas of the beach.

Did you catch that? GREASE build up in a sewer line. It has been our experience that restaurants are particularly susceptible to these types of emergencies. The average restaurant should have their grease traps cleared out every 3 months.  If you are a high volume eatery doing extremely well, it might even be prudent to do that every month.  Not only do you want to prevent a catastrophe that could shut down your business for a day or two, creating a PR nightmare, but can you imagine dealing with the headache of a city government official seeking to place blame?  Do the right thing by yourself, your employees, and your customers, and make sure to have those grease traps and sewer lines cleared as needed.  Ask us about how we use what’s called a Hydro Jet to clear out these sewer lines, it is the very best technology for preventing  a sewer emergency on your property. Marina del Ray is a mere miles from our Venice Plumbing Service location.